Swimming Pool Maintenance & Operation

We are specialized in maintaining swimming pools for both residential and commercial properties.

Based on a thorough inspection, we will provide you with a proposition on how to maintain your pool. This proposition will contain the following:

A list of necessary and optional works, e.g., cleaning, tiling, plastering, coating services.

Working Process

  • 1.Consultation
  • 2.Design & Work
  • 3.Complete & Maintenance

A service schedule – certain things may have to be done quickly to avoid long-term damage (e.g., tiling to avoid water seeping into non-waterproof parts of the structure, damaging them long term), while others need to be done weekly or monthly. Other, less urgent services we will recommend to do later

A budget with options: we will recommend a basic “must-do” option and a more comprehensive option with some “nice-to-have” elements, so you can pick and choose what you want.

 This approach will ensure that we stick to your budget. The budget will make clear if this is a one-off job or an ongoing engagement. For ongoing engagements, we will offer to cooperate for any time between a few weeks up to a year.

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